Here's how much Americans are spending on food, alcohol and fireworks this Fourth of July

Americans are gearing up to celebrate the Fourth of July as Covid-19 restrictions ease and more opportunities open up across the country. According to the National Retail Federation's Independence Day Data Center, 76% of Americans planned to celebrate the holiday last year. This year, however, 86% of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday. WalletHub, a personal finance website, looked at how much Americans plan to spend this Independence Day celebrations. This is in addition to last year's more modest celebrations. Here's how their money is spending.FoodAccording to the NRF the main way Americans will spend the holiday is at barbecues, picnics and cookouts. It makes sense then that consumers will spend most of their money on food products. Americans will spend $7.52 trillion this year, an increase of $6.52 billion last year. NRF data show that the average person will spend $80.54 per year on food, which is the highest figure since 2014.AlcoholAccording to WalletHub, Americans will also spend more than $1.4 billion on beer this Fourth of July. This is nearly the same amount as the $1.6 million Americans spent on beer in 2019Fireworks