The Most Important Green Bay Packers: Amari Rodgers Could Give The Offense A Boost

Amari Rodgers could boost the Green Bay Packers' passing offense. Getty ImagesGreen Bay Packers finished 13-3 last year, winning the NFC North and reaching the NFC Championship Game for the second consecutive year. However, the Packers lost to Tampa Bay 31-26 in the conference title match. The offseason was full of drama.Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is looking to leave, but they insist that they won't let him go. Keep watching for more drama in the coming days.Green Bay will begin training camp on July 27, with or without Rodgers. Throughout the month, I will be counting down the 30 most important Packers as we head into 2021.No. Amari Rodgers, a rookie wide receiver/returner, is at No. You will find the list of other players in the top-30 at the end.No. No. 28WR Amari RodgersBio: In a deal with Tennessee, the Packers traded their third-round pick for a fourth-rounder and their third-round pick to make room for Rodgers.The Packers were always drawn to larger receivers. They had a rule that no receiver below 5'10 would be drafted. The 5-9, 212-pound Rodgers was too dynamic to pass on.Rodgers caught seven touchdown passes and 77 passes for 1,020 yard in 2020. Rodgers ended his Clemson career in 2020 with 181 receptions, 2,144 yards, and 15 touchdowns.Rodgers averaged 7.7 yards for each punt return in his Clemson career. Rodgers is also one of five Clemson players to have scored touchdowns in rush, reception, and punt returns during his career.Rodgers also ran the 40-yard sprint in 4.44 seconds, and recorded a 30-1/2 inch vertical jump.Outlook: Since Randall Cobb's departure after the 2018 season, the Packers have not had a slot receiver. Cobb, a second round pick in 2011, stood at just 5'10 and had 470 receptions with 41 touchdowns while a Packer.Rodgers could be an effective weapon in the slot and help with the return game. This has been a problem in Green Bay since years.CommentHe fills many of our gaps and I believe that he is a great fit for us. You guys have seen the creativity Matt (LaFleur), his offense, and some of the jet sweeps, and screens over the past two years. He is a 212-pound receiver, I believe. He isn't one of these guys. Kick returning might be a part of his arsenal. He's built for us. He's been a great player here in Green Bay. We are so happy to have him on the team.He will do great things for us in the coming year, I am certain. It's a constant process for young players to learn new systems and have their ups and downs. Although it is easier at the beginning, once they learn more about the system, they begin to think almost too much. Amaris doing an excellent job. He's not afraid of what we give him. You can see that he is a student of the game. In these few reps, he has a natural feeling for the game. He'll continue to improve and I am excited about his progress. There is still a lot to learn and grow for rookies. It's exciting to watch him slowly grow here. It's exciting to see him slowly develop here.That running back mentality is what I have. Running back was something I did all my life, up to my senior year in high school. That mentality is definitely mine. I try to get to the goal zone as soon as I get the ball. I'm not trying to be tackled by just one person. It pays off, because I know everything about the game. You get more yards every time you touch the ball. This is how I think when I touch the ball. Rodgers on Rodgers' run-after-catch abilitiesTHE TOP 30No. No.No. No.