K-Town's Wi Spa Trans Protest Breaks Out in Violence After Viral Video

After protests against trans people in Los Angeles, a spa became the scene of violence this weekend.Many people marched through Koreatown on Saturday to protest what they considered anti-trans actions. They were met by counter-protesters. Both groups clashed violently, much of it being filmed and shared online.Breaking: A mob antifa (look at their banner if it is not obvious enough), punch a man and then chase & assault an videographer at the Wi spa protest in Los Angeles. cc @pressfreedom. @uspresstracker. @spj_tweets pic.twitter.com/GiIlDzuiKI Andy Ng. July 3, 2021 @MrAndyNgoSome counter-protesters were compared to "Antifa", with a few of them wearing all black head-to-toe and covering their faces. But it's difficult to tell who's who. We know that the counter-protesters did not have anti-trans sentiments.They allegedly accosted/provoked some protesters and also tore up signs they believed to be discriminatory or bigoted. Some of the anti-trans protestors allegedly threatened or committed violence against themselves.Street preachers from Antifa were attacked while trying to attend the Wi Spa protests in Los Angeles. Police are not responding to several people who were attacked today. pic.twitter.com/p5mblPgXYG Andy Ng July 3, 2021 @MrAndyNgoOne person claimed that a Wi Spa protester pulled a gun on him. He posted video of the man taking out a backpack and then stuffing it in his waistband. He said, "Something to shoot at you with" when he was asked about the firearm.BREAKING: We were just robbed by the Wi Spa transphobes. He reached for a backpack and took it. When I asked him about what he had grabbed, he replied that he would shoot me with the contents. pic.twitter.com/hCcTXtPN7V Vishal Singh (@VPS_Reports), July 3, 2021 @VPS_ReportsAll of this chaos stems from a viral video that was posted last week and shows a woman confronting Wi Spa staff about a man she claims was naked in the women's section of the spa... allegedly showing his penis and genitals for children and adults alike.It seems that the Wi Spa staff are fine with it. They explained to her that they respect trans rights and let them go to the area they feel most comfortable in. This didn't go down well with the woman, who basically said that she felt violated.We are waiting for your permission to load Instagram Media.She has a lot of fun with patrons...some of whom tell her not to talk and to show some respect. But she insists on her point -- repeatedly claiming that the transgender person was a "d***".