34 Women Share Their Cringey

4. My parents built me doll furniture for my tenth anniversary. Dad was skilled at woodworking and Mom could sew well. They created a cute little wardrobe and bed set to fit my dolls. The dolls were decorated with little flowers and painted white. My dad even made a small mirror for me dolls that would fit inside one wardrobe door. And my mom had made a miniature mattress for the bed. Because I loved the presents so much, I almost cried when I opened them. My friend was right next to me and knew that if I told my parents that I loved the presents my friend would be able to see I liked dolls. So I replied, "Thanks, but dolls are not my thing." They are for babies.As a child, I loved dressing up and dolls. My dolls were my favorite toys. However, when I went to school I would laugh at other girls who were playing with dolls. I wanted to be considered cool and tough. Spoiler alert: I was neither tough nor cool.My parents were so sad. I am 25 years old and still feel so guilty 15 years later. I was drunk at a family event a few years back. I sobbed to my father and apologized. I also told him how much I loved the present. He was aware. He was understanding and I accepted his apology. "But I feel like such an ugly cunt." [deleted]