Biden Says 'Rules Are the Rules' on Sha'Carri Richardson Suspension

Watch video content @BoKnowsNews/TwitterBiden, President, has spoken out about Sha'Carri Richardson being banned from the Olympics. He gave a hard love response basically saying that she knew better.JB was in Michigan on Saturday to attend an event. Bo Erickson, CBS WH reporter, asked him if he believed Richardson's one-month ban from competition for a positive THC testing was fair. Biden essentially replied that Richardson was unfairly banned.Watch the video clip to see his explanation. But the Prez wasn't shy about it. He told the press that everyone knew the rules going in and that it was the same on the punishment side. However, he did allow for discussion."I know what happened. I know what I should do... That decision was still mine."Sha'Carri Richardson discusses her positive cannabis test at the U.S. Olympic trials. ESPN, July 2, 2021 @espnYou can see it here... Joe believes that the weed rule should be kept intact. However, under current guidelines, he suggests that the punishment is appropriate for the crime. He did, however, give Richardson props and said he was proud of her response.Sha'Carri gave an interview shortly after news broke about her temporary DQ. She told Savannah Guthrie that she had recently ingested marijuana, after she learned of the death of her biological mother and was informed at a presser. Sha'Carri admitted to her mistake in raising her chin, but she also indicated that the "rules" were harsh.