The Disney Plus Star Wars anime anthology is looking genuinely cool

The Elder, one the short films in Star Wars: Visions Screenshot: YouTubeStar Wars: Visions is a show that Disney announced last December at its Investor Day. It was among many Star Wars-based projects, along with Ahsoka or Andor. Fans of the series received little beyond a brief description of the project, which was produced by some of Japan's most prominent animation studios. It is intriguing to think about what anime Star Wars would look like.AdvertisementAs it turns out, this is exactly what happened:We won't lie, we are excited about Visions. It will feature work by Kamikaze Douga and Twin Engine, Trigger. After showing the presentation at Anime Expo Lite today, Disney has released the Special Look presentation online.Apart from the obvious excitement of lightsabers looking like samurai blades, the project seems to cover a wide range of genres. There are more Star Wars Jedi material, like The Elder, The Twins and The Duel. But we also have Studio Coloridos Tatooine Rhapsody which is being called a rock opera. We would love to see an anime rock opera set in Tatooine. Or Kinema Cirus The Village Bride. It has a more painting-esque appearance and uses gentler colors. Or T0-B1, a Science Saru import of Astro Boy designs into an universe that has a lot of charming robots.The best part about all of this is seeing tons of new artists try their hand at Star Wars. It's a large galaxy and it excels when it explores its most bizarre, most diverse corners. Is it just us or does anime Jabba The Hutt seem upsettingly adorable?All Star Wars: Visions episodes will be available on Disney+ on September 22nd.