Riot Games Releases Copyright-Free Sessions: Vi Album for All

Creators know that pre-recorded music can cause problems. It can even lead to your content being removed from any platform. Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends is well aware of this and has come up with a solution. A copyright-free album of relaxing, low-fi beats anyone can use in their content. Advertisement The 37-track album, which was revealed by Polygon, is called Sessions: Vi to honor the League of Legends character. Riot Games announced Sessions: Vi in a statement. It stated that it is committed to creating a new music project which is safe to stream and free of charge, as it promised creators and players a year ago. This one-hour and forty minute album was made in collaboration with 20 musicians. According to Polygon, each artist will be given credit and the revenue earned from songs streams. Toa Dunn from Riot Games Music spoke to Polygon. He stated that his team wanted to build a bridge between content creators and music artists. Both sides can get at each other over copyright issues. Dunn stated that he believes this is a way to build community. The complexity of music and internet technology and all that stuff. It is difficult to stream, but it is possible to make it more easy to listen to and produce lo-fi jazz. These are all fun and easy tasks. This is how to solve all these problems in a fun and creative manner. Sessions: Vis has a three-arc story attached to its music video. Dunn explained that the music was created to help Vi relax and unwind after she returns from work. Vi then starts to work again, fixing equipment and changing the music accordingly. Dunn explained that the final arc features some soothing music as Vi reads before getting ready to go to bed. Dunn insists that the story is not a straight narrative but he stated it helped Riot, the musicians and the visual collaborators to create the right mood and moments for each track. The video, which is animated by Deathburger and runs for the entire length of the album, is quite relaxing and non-distracting. It simply features Vi doing simple things like eating, reading, and working. It is a great video, especially for someone who uses TV background noise. It was almost like the music sparkled. I think there's a good chance that I will listen to it again. Sessions: Vi can either be streamed directly to the content or downloaded for editing in any program. You can also use it in monetized content. Riot Games does not require crediting, but Riot Games said it was appreciated. Riot Games warns creators to follow its legal terms, including not using the music for inappropriate ads or in unauthorized apps or games. It recommends that interested parties read its creator-safe guidelines. Advertisement Riot Games stated that it plans to release more Sessions music later in the year. You can find Sessions: Vi on many major streaming sites.


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