Now book Hyatt suite upgrades online with points

World of Hyatt members can upgrade rooms booked at the standard cash rate from a standard room to a premium or standard suite by using points. This can sometimes be a great deal, as we look forward to showing you on a future trip. Monkey Miles reported that some properties now have the ability to upgrade at a cash rate. I had to talk to them about this when I booked my flight a few months back. As I did searches for this post it became obvious that not all properties have this option. There were many instances where suite upgrades using points would have been possible, but they weren't online. It's better to call or go on Twitter to find out if it's available.This is how it works, when you are able to: You must book a standard room in order to upgrade to a suite for a night. Upgrades are available at standard pricing: 3K points per evening for a club upgrade; 6K points per noapte for a standard suite upgrade; 9K points per noapte für eine premium suite upgradeThis is not the standard suite Points + Cash rate. This is a completely different thing and I find it rarely worthwhile. This chart applies when you pay the standard cash rate. Again, these upgrades cannot be applied if you book the standard rate. They don't work on discounted rates, such as the Member rate, AAA rate, corporate rate, or any other type of Members save more rate. I tried, but they won't work with Hyatt Prive bookings that are booked at the standard rate. All you have to do is book the standard rate.This can still be a tremendous value in certain cases.I found a night at Hyatt Regency Rochester in Rochester NY. Standard 1 king rooms were $179 at the standard rates.Click to view points rates. The column on the right shows that the Skyline Suite can be booked for $179 + 6,000 Points.Although I cannot speak for the Skyline Suite's quality, I can attest to its value in comparison to the cash rate. It's amazing. It is amazing.If you'd have thought about booking the cash rate, the $600 savings is worth it. Except you really want a garbage plate, you wouldn't think about booking a room at Hyatt Regency Rochester, New York. It shows that there is great value.People who can crunch the numbers will be able to stop screaming at their computers. In the above example, you could book a standard suite at the property for 13,000 points per person. You'll save $179 and get 7,000 points by booking it all on points. This isn't really a bad deal. Suite upgrades offer a better deal for higher-end properties than standard suites, which would be a lot more expensive. This property was chosen to demonstrate its huge cash value, but also to remind people that upgrades are not very helpful for low-tier properties like this one. This property can be a great deal if cash rates are low. It is possible to find a very luxurious suite for as little as 20K, 25K or 30K per day for a standard room.See: Hyatt Premium Suites: Extreme Luxury in Hyatt Suites for more ideas.As I mentioned above, I was unable to find any hotels that had both standard and premium suites available for all-points bookings. These should have been available for upgrade at a fee, so the Lp Suite Pts Upgrading column didn't appear. Similar to the previous, I did not see this functionality in any foreign properties that I searched (though I clearly didn't search every Hyatts property).Greg reminded me about this program feature a few month ago. As I mentioned, I have a booking coming up and I am excited about sharing it when the time comes. In the meantime, this is a reminder that this is an excellent way for non-elite members of the Hyatt Club to receive amazing suite awards. Although online functionality seems limited at the moment, Hyatt Concierge can help you with this. Hyatts Twitter Team is consistently the best when it comes customer service. Although they are not the best hotel/travel loyalty team, it is the best I have ever seen from any company. If you don't see the property you want, send them an email. They are responsive and can usually get the job done.