Trump Visits Florida to Whine About Arrests of Jan. 6 Rioters Amid Surfside Recovery Efforts

Joe Raedle/GettyDonald Trump held Saturday night's rally in Sarasota (Florida), where he reaffirmed his long-running grievances regarding Joe Bidens atrocious administration. He also appeared to support Jan. 6 Capitol Rioters.He complained that the radical Left now controls the U.S. government because of a fraudulent and rigged election. They continue to spread the lie that Trump won the 2020 presidential election. New York prosecutors were also accused of tax crimes against Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, he said. He said it was because of politics and added that 75 million votes were won by him.The ex-president, twice impeached, also angered his supporters by appearing to praise the participants in Jan. 6's riot that he incited.He asked Ashli Babbitt, a Air Force vet, who was shot to death by a Capitol officer as she tried to climb through a broken glass in the door leading into the House chamber. Who shot Ashlibabbitt? All of us saw the hand. They didn't want to reveal the name of the gun, but we all saw it. Trump said that people know where he was from.The Department of Justice did not file criminal charges against Babbitt. Witnesses said that Babbitt was forced to shoot because a mob attempted to enter the area where lawmakers were present.If that was on the opposite side, the shooter would be strung up & hung. Trump said that they don't want to reveal the identity of the shooter, prompting at least one person to shout, Hang him!Who shot Ashlibabbitt? It must be released. He asked how many people were still in jail on Jan. 6, claiming that no one paid a price last year for Black Lives Matter protests.One of his most inexplicable and longest-running vendettas was resurrected. He blasted windmills for being ugly, driving down property values, and destroying our fields and oceans.Continue the storyAs tropical storm Elsa approaches the state, efforts to find the 100 missing persons in the collapsed 12-story Champlain Tower South condominium complex in Surfside continue. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (a longtime Trump ally) skipped the rally in order to concentrate on the disaster. DeSantis spokeswoman said that the Governor's duty was to be in Surfside helping families and communities recover from the tragedy. Trump is not a resident of Florida. Joe Biden visited Surfside earlier in the week. Trump spokesperson said that the rally would not affect any recovery efforts.The Daily Beast has more information.Every day, we send you the top stories. Register nowDaily Beast Membership: Beast Inside focuses on stories that are important to you. Find out more.