Climate activist: Biden's plan the 'bare minimum'

Joe Biden MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images"I don’t think you could say in any serious manner that [President Biden] treats climate change as an emergency that it really is," Evan Weber, cofounder of Sunrise Movement, said to Politico. He added that the White House’s plan to address the issue isn't the "historic commitment" Biden refers it to. Weber stated that it was "scraps." It's just the minimum.Gina McCarthy, Biden's climate advisor, and Anita Dunn (a senior White House adviser), sent out a memo this Week stating that although the bipartisan infrastructure agreement was not made by the administration, it did include "critical initiatives on Climate Change" which were proposed by Biden. However, the White House intends to include them in a future bill through budget reconciliation.Politico points out that there is no guarantee that this will happen. There has been intense pressure from Weber and moderate Democrats to stop it. More information at Politico.You might also likeAccording to reports, the Jan. 6 select committee of Republicans will try to put Nancy Pelosi's blame for the Capitol riotRescue cat makes it to New Hampshire's top 48 highest mountainsAnti-woke zealots want to purge the military politically