A judge told a Capitol riot suspect to get rid of his guns. The feds say he bought 34 more.

According to the feds, an alleged Capitol rioter must be re-arrested for violating his release conditions.Thomas Robertson was ordered by a judge not to possess any weapons while he is being tried.Prosecutors claim that he purchased 34 guns and had a partially built pipe bomb at his home.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.According to court documents, federal prosecutors claim that an ex-cop and Capitol Riot suspect bought 34 guns and had a loaded M4 carbine at his house.Thomas Robertson is an ex-officer at the Rocky Mount Police Department, Virginia. He is one of 545 people who have been charged and arrested in connection with the January 6 rebellion. The Washington Post first reported the most recent court filing.Robertson was released from prison in January after he was charged with four federal offenses. According to court documents, Robertson was released by a judge in January. However, he had to "refrain" from possessing any firearm, destructive device or other dangerous weapon.Just four days after Robertson was released, authorities found eight firearms at Robertson’s Virginia home, including a Hawken Rifle and Smith and Wesson. This was according to a motion for Robertson to be revoked.Robertson was warned by Judge G. Michael Harvey about his conditions at court.According to court records, the FBI obtained a search warrant for Robertson's Yahoo, Venmo, and Gunbroker.com accounts. They found a variety of transaction records as well as messages about buying guns.Robertson's house was also searched by the FBI. The FBI found evidence that Robertson had an arsenal of 34 firearms via a Roanoke [Federal Firearms License], but also found ammunition, a loaded M4 rifle and a pipe bomb partially assembled in Robertson’s home."FBI interviewed Tactical Operations' owner, and he identified Robertson as the purchaser of the firearms. According to the FBI, the owner of Tactical Operations stated that Robertson had said he could not have the weapons because of his release conditions. However, Robertson was in his store just one week prior handling the guns. According to the owner, the guns were still available for pickup.Robertson was accused of violating his release conditions. He should have been returned to jail before his trial. Prosecutors also claimed that Robertson's actions "put the public in danger."Insider has the original article.