Egypt opens naval base, latest example of military build-up

CAIRO (AP), The Egyptian president inaugurated a naval base at the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday. This is the latest example in the government's military build-up.According to Abdel Fattah el Sissis office, the base will protect the country's western and northern fronts as well as the maritime shipping routes.The ceremony, which was broadcast on state TV, was attended also by Abu Dhabis Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan and Mohammed al-Menfi (head of Libyas ruling presidency council).The Gargoub region is approximately 255 km (160 mi) west of Alexandria, the Mediterranean city.Named after the date of July 3, 2013, when elSissi was a defense minister and led the military's overthrow against Mohamed Morsi, an elected Islamist president. This occurred amid nationwide protests against his divisive rule.In recent years, Egypt has modernized its military by purchasing advanced weapons and opening bases throughout the country.Egypt opened a military base, in Marsa Matrouh, in its northwestern province. According to the Egyptian military, the base was named after President Mohammed Naguib (an Egyptian army officer who became its first president in 1950s).