Sebastian Vettel handed three-place grid penalty at Austrian Grand Prix for impeding Fernando Alonso

SPIELBERG (Austria) -- Sebastian Vettel is now 11th on Sunday's grid for the Austrian Grand Prix. He was penalised by the stewards after blocking Fernando Alonso during qualifying.Vettel qualified eighth and was docked three grid places. He also received a single penalty on his superlicence for blocking Alonso at Q2.Aston Martin's Vettel was behind a line of cars waiting for a lap. He ended up blocking Alonso as he entered the final corner (Turn 10)Alonso's chances of qualifying in the top 10 were ruined, but Vettel was able to make it through to Q3 due to the lap he set in Q2.After reviewing all evidence and talking to drivers, the stewards made the following statement about Vettel's three pace grid penalty.The statement stated that Alonso was "on his fast lap just before Q2 ended.""As he approached the final two corners (9 and 10) there was still a line of three cars waiting for their last qualifying lap."Vettel was the last car on this line and impeded Alonso, so Alonso had no choice but to abandon his final qualifying lap."Carlos Sainz and Valtteri Bottas, who were in two cars ahead of Vettel at the end, were both investigated by the track stewards for driving unnecessarily slow between Turn 9 and 10. However, neither driver was found to be responsible.Vettel spoke to media after the session and said that he was unfairly shuffled back to the back among drivers who wanted to start a lap between Turn 8 & Turn 9. Only for those cars to slow down in front him between Turns 9 & 10.Vettel referred to an agreement between Michael Masi, FIA race director, and drivers that lappers would have to slow down in order to make space between Turn 8-9 but maintain full speed between Turn 9-10.Vettel stated, "I think from mine side, I didn’t do anything wrong." "I was the last in the queue. However, I believe the other queue members should not jump in front of me. I don't know why they didn't listen."We agreed to slow down between Turn 8 & Turn 9, which was what I did, but everyone passes me and jumps in the queue," Vettel said. "And then they all slowdown between Turn 8 and Turn 9, where I agreed to not slow down. Now you know the rest."I saw him coming as soon as I looked into the mirror [in Turn 10], since it's not a good place to meet traffic]. I was like half a second after seeing him. I sped up and then I received the radio call. So I tried to avoid him and cancelled my lap.Max Verstappen begins on pole, Lando Norris on the front row and Max Verstappen on the back. Sergio Perez, Red Bull's teammate, starts on the second row with Lewis Hamilton.