Police Ticket Driver Who Bolted Starlink Antenna to Car Hood

This is one way to establish a Wi-Fi connection.Visual ObstructionCalifornia Highway Patrol (CHP), stopped a Toyota Prius driver who had what appeared to be Starlink dishes attached to the hood.According to The Verge, the police ticketed the driver for mounting a large satellite dish to his vehicle. They claimed that it was blocking the driver's view.Sir, I stopped you today because of the visual obstruction on the hood. This was according to a Antelope Valley CHP Facebook post. The responding officer was quoted in the post. Is it blocking your view as you drive?The driver responded, "Only when I make right turns."AdvertisementAdvertisementRemote WorkCNBC was told by a spokesperson for CHP that the driver used the satellite to access WiFi for a company they were running out of their car. They would have been better off using a hotspot like any other remote worker on the go.SpaceX did not comment on the incident.Starlink Internet ConnectionAlthough the idea of the driver attaching it to their car's hood is quite a challenge, it is not surprising given Musk's past comments about users being capable of doing this exact thing.According to The Verge, the antenna that provides high-bandwidth and low latency is about the same size as a medium pizza. Musk stated this in a 2020 earnings call. You could technically buy one and stick it on your car.AdvertisementAdvertisementWhile it is obvious that you should not put the Starlink dish on your car's hood, we expect to see more Starlink-related hijinks as Starlink dishes are made available to more users.READ MORE: Police ticket driver who stuck Starlink terminal to car hood [The Verge]SpaceX could cut your Starlink Internet Service if you pirate moviesFuturism readers are invited to join the Singularity Global Community. This is our parent company's forum for futuristic science and technology discussions with other like-minded people around the globe. Sign up today to get started!AdvertisementAdvertisement