Ex-Nickelodeon Producer Dan Schneider Denies Foot Fetish on Old Shows

Dan Schneider, the ex-kingpin of Nickelodeon programming, has refuted a long-held belief that he was into feet and channeled it on his shows.The TV producer was responsible for several hit Nick series over the years including "iCarly", "Drake & Josh," and "The Amanda Show," as well as "Zoey 101" among others. NYT interviewed him about the foot fetish rumor.What is the deal with nickelodeon feet? read blue lock (@raichisgf) June 12, 2020 @raichisgfMany people have collected still photos from his shows and found a common theme among them: they appeared to be appearing in lots of scenes with their feet out.Dan replied with this... "The comedy wasn't totally innocent," and then went on to say that the foot fetish claims are "ridiculous". He attributed it to children finding feet funny/goofy, but insisted that he had never tried to sexualize his stars.This is a bit creepy considering he used so many foot references in pic.twitter.com/wSmn7FshLv michael Kors (@totoxxyyxxremix), May 26, 2017.His on-camera and off-camera interactions with stars has been questioned, suggesting that Dan was at best creepy and unsure of boundaries.Dan says it's all a lot of nonsense, but Dan also clarified his reasons to part ways with Nick after a 30-year-long run with the network. He said he was just attending to other matters in his personal life and had "let go."Waiting for your permission before loading TikTok Post.NYT reports that an in-house probe into Dan's workplace practices began around this time. This was after allegations of verbal abuse by his former staffers. The review apparently found merit in some of these claims, which made Dan seem difficult and high-strung.The HR found no credence in the allegations of sexual misconduct. This was something that had been speculated about Schneider during the #MeToo era and his subsequent departure at the same time.