Netflix lays out a new He-Man story in its latest 'Masters of the Universe' trailer

He-Man fans have many questions about Netflix's stars-studded Masters of the Universe: Revelation series. It was created by Kevin Smith, and is based on the iconic Mattel toys. The trailer for the first half of the series is finally available. It consists of five episodes that last about a quarter-hour each.Revelations continues the story of the beloved '80s cartoon. It opens into an Eternia, the setting for these stories. It doesn't matter what the cause, it seems like this is a serious enough threat that even once-fools may need to work together. It also seems like He-Man's arch-nemesis Skeletor may not be in the plan, as Mark Hamill explains.To find out more, we don't need to wait long. Part 1 of Masters of the Universe: Revelations will be available on Netflix starting July 23.