Tesla Cybertruck will have an answer to the Hummer EV's 'Crab Mode'

Tesla will not be left behind as electric trucks such as the Hummer EV or Rivian R1T attract customers with unique features. Elon Musk revealed that Tesla will add rear-wheel steering for the Cybertruck in order to improve the EV's maneuverability. This is a rough answer for the Hummer's "Crab Mode", and R1Ts tank turns. It might not be difficult to make a tight U-turn, or navigate in a tricky off-road situation.Musk reiterated that the Cybertruck will look almost exactly like the one you saw in November 2019. However, he said that there are many other great things in the works. The pickup will still be in production by the end of 2021.Rear-wheel steering might be necessary. Even though the Cybertruck is large, it can be difficult to maneuver out of parking lots. Rivian, Ford, GMC and Rivian are also launching electric trucks that may match or even exceed Tesla's feature list. This category has changed significantly since the Cybertruck introduction. Tesla could lose some customers if it does not update its technology.