Somebody slapped a Starlink satellite dish on their car's hood. Police slapped them with a ticket.

Sometimes, innovators get laughed at or punished. Other times they are simply ahead of their time.Although I don't think that is the case, it's possible. It's still a matter of pride for the motorist who apparently mounted a Starlink satellite dish on their car's hood. Starlink is Space X’s satellite-based internet provider.Nevertheless, take a look at this innovation.California Highway Patrol posted on Facebook, that the driver claimed that the dish blocked their view only "when I make right turn," which wouldn’t be very good. CNBC reported that CHP issued the driver a ticket and that the motorist admitted to using the dish for work.CHP Antelope Valley posted on Facebook that mounting a satellite dish to your vehicle's hood is illegal. This violates section 26708(a(2)) of the California Vehicle Code. You are prohibited from hanging things from your rearview mirror, mounting a GPS or other device in an unapproved place on your windshield, and/or displaying a handicap placard when the vehicle is moving under this section. Safety is the main concern.The Verge reported that Elon Musk, the head of Space X, said once in a 2020 earnings call, that he believed "technically you could buy [a Starlink antennae] and stick it on your car." However, he noted via Twitter that the antennae was not intended for cars.Musk stated this week that Starlink now has over 1,500 satellites orbiting the earth and 69,000 users. Musk stated that the goal was to provide more affordable internet access to areas with smaller populations.Musk stated that the device is intended for areas with low population, during a interview at Mobile World Congress.It's rural areas, not the car's hood.