Passenger Can't Take American Airlines Delay Anymore, Opens Exit Door And Pops The Slide

American Airlines passenger did his best Howard Beale impression from 1978's Network when they cancelled flight 2398 from Charlotte, Maryland to Baltimore. The cancellation was made after a two-hour delay in boarding and pushing back from the gate. But there wasn't anyone to attach the jet bridge, and everyone was left behind. The flight was full of customers, so they waited. They waited. And we waited.They waited until our hero opened an emergency exit on the Oasisd Boeing 737 full Oasisd with 172 passengers. He then climbed out onto the wing and jumped down onto the tarmac.A passenger got fed up and crawled across us in the exit row to get out. He was taken to the @wcnc jet bridge Brandon Goldner (@BrandonWCNC), July 2, 2021Nearly midnight at Charlotte airport. We and others have been waiting for three hours to get our bags since our flight was cancelled. No help or information from @AmericanAir. Richard Stubbe, @RichardStubbe July 2, 2021I was trying to get a rental car as fast as possible, but the passenger was taken out of the airport by Brandon Goldner (@BrandonWCNC) July 2, 2021. Brandon Goldner, @BrandonWCNC July 2, 2021He was finally captured and taken away in handcuffs. It is possible that he was trying to be Steven Slater. In the meantime, the man was temporarily prohibited from flying with the airline.According to the carrierAfter the boarding process was completed, American Airlines Flight 2396, which operated from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), was canceled due to severe weather that had restricted air traffic in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. As the jet bridge was being repositioned, a passenger opened an over-wing emergency escape and jumped onto a ramp. American team members immediately took the customer into custody before he was taken by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. After the forward boarding doors were reopened, all other customers were able to deplane as normal via jet bridge. We are grateful to our team for their professionalism, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.Airports and airlines felt stressed as the holiday weekend started. Not only were they worried about staff returning, but also the usual summer heat. On Thursday morning, I left Washington's National airport. I was thankful to have checked in via Americans mobile app and to have CLEAR and PreCheck. I ended up spending four hours unplanned in Charlotte on Thursday.This is not a @TSA Checkpoint. This is the @AmericanAir check in line at @Reagan_Airport. Didn't they just get $10 billion to ensure enough staff? gary Leff (@garyleff), July 1, 2021Travel is full of lines. I was shocked to see the long line for ice cream when I returned home from Austin.It's delicious ice cream Gary. Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUStinAirport), July 2, 2021Have patience. Take extra time. Know your options. Recognize that you might have to cancel your plans and reschedule the next day if things don't go according to plan. A credit card delay can be a great option for paying for those expenses when the airline doesn't. However, you should not get into a fight with fellow passengers.