Edge Dispatches Jimmy Uso, Zelina Vega Is Back and More WWE SmackDown Fallout

2 out of 5Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin in late June to claim his King of the Ring crown. He teamed up to Big E on Friday to face Corbin and Crews.Corbin disclosed that he had lost his crown and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to bad investments the week before. He didn't seem angry. He looked just sad.It was strange to see a man who usually brags about his achievements looking so down. Crews could see his pain, as he was almost completely expressionless while he sat on the apron. After he was tagged in the match, it clicked and his aggression returned.Rick Boogs announced that Corbin's car was being town from the arena, while footage showed it being loaded onto a flatbed. Big E was able to score the win thanks to the distraction.It's likely that most people have lost count of the number of times they have seen Corbin and Nakamura face off, or Big E and Crews square off. These feuds have been going on for months and management seems determined to keep them going, no matter how old they become.This is a sign of a bigger problem at the blue brand. Each championship division has only a few competitors because the roster is smaller than in previous years. This has resulted in a lot more repetition over the past months.Even though WWE is slowing down until it gets back on the road, in front of live audiences, the continued presence of the same people in ring will drive fans away from the product. This is not a problem that cannot be fixed, but WWE must address it quickly to avoid becoming a major problem.