Confirmed: American Express Cutting Platinum Card Guest Access To Centurion Lounges From February 1, 2023

The American Express Platinum Card is set for big changes. They have changed the access conditions to Centurion lounges. These will be effective from February 1, 2023. This will eliminate guests from all benefits.The new rules stipulate that Amex Platinum cardholders will be subject to a $50 per lounge guest fee. Children will no longer be allowed free of charge, but those who charge at least $75k per year will still be entitled to lounge access privileges.American Express has significantly expanded their lounge portfolio over the past two years. This included expanding existing space and opening new lounges throughout the U.S.Two days ago, American Express in the U.S. modified the Platinum Card to be more lifestyle-oriented and increased the annual fee by US$695.Amex appears to be trying to solve another problem: Overcrowding.The Terms and Conditions of Centurion Lounge network state that there will be new rules starting February 1, 2023.U.S. Platinum and Business Platinum Card members Basic Platinum Card members and Additional Platinum Card members on the account. Basic Business Platinum Card members and Additional Platinum Card members on the account can bring up to two (2) people per visit to The Centurion Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport or London Heathrow Airport. There is no per-visit fee (Complimentary guest access) until January 31, 2023. The account will now be charged $50 per guest for Platinum Card members, Business Platinum Card members and Additional Platinum card Members. Children aged 2-17 years old must show proof of age. Complimentary guest access at these locations will be available to Platinum Card members, Business Platinum Card Members and Additional Platinum Card Members after February 1, 2023. The total eligible purchases must exceed $75,000 between January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022, and each calendar year thereafter. International guest access policies can vary by country and subject to change. Complimentary guest access will become available for eligible customers starting February 1, 2023. This is usually within one week of Platinum Accounts fulfilling the purchase requirement. However, it may take up to 12 months to become effective. Your Complimentary guest access status will be displayed in your online account's Benefits tab and in the American Express App. Complimentary guest access will become effective once it is effective. It will continue to be available until January 31st of the following year. For example, Complimentary guest access that becomes effective May 1, 2023 will remain in effect through January 31, 2025. Any eligible purchases made by Platinum Account members will count towards the purchase requirement. The purchase requirement can be met by eligible purchases that are goods or services, minus returns and credit. Eligible purchases exclude cash advances, fees and interest charges, cash advances, travel checks, cash advances, cash advances, cash withdrawals, purchases or reloading prepaid cards, gift card purchases, person-toperson payments or cash equivalents. Eligible purchases on a Basic Platinum Card Member's Card Account that are upgraded or downgraded from another American Express Card will count towards the new Platinum Accounts Complimentary Access purchase requirement. Platinum Card members have unlimited access to The Centurion Lounge. Access to The Centurion Lounge is not available for Platinum Card members who have a Green Card or Gold Card. Access to The Centurion Lounge requires a space availability. Access to The Centurion Lounge is subject to space availability.This will be a problem for families with children. Amex Platinum members who do not meet the $75,000 spending threshold will be allowed to bring their children under 17 years old to the lounge, but this will mean a $30 per child charge instead of $50 per adult.Centurion cardholders and those who charge more than $75k per year for their personal or business Platinum cards will not be affected by these limitations. This only applies to Platinum cardholders based in the United States. I am assuming that nothing will change for international cardholders.Authorized users will continue to enjoy their lounge access for the AU. For a flat fee $175/year, you can add up three additional AUs to your Platinum account. It doesn't matter if you add one to three AUs, the cost is the exact same. This is something that I hope Amex will change. They should follow the Chase Sapphire Reserve example and charge per AU. To get access to the lounge, an Authorized User must be at least 13 years old.This is how I see it.Amex is having problems with the overcrowding in their Centurion Lounge locations. It is time to address this issue.Some people took advantage of the relaxed guest access policies to the disadvantage of single travelers, who often couldn't find space or could not even get in the lounge.Amex has stopped accepting guests on their arrival to their flight. They allow entry up to three hours before the flight, except at transit points. Both policies are being enforced.It is not fair to reduce the number of guests from 2 + children to 0. Amex really wants cardholders to pay for AUs.It is impossible for someone to randomly issue AUs to people just for the purpose of traveling with them 2-3 times per year. Even if it is not a relationship that includes shared accounts. Credit reporting can also be affected by an AU.It is highly unlikely that a family will suddenly start paying $30 per child for something they don't use, or even close to 30 dollars. Even for adults, it is difficult to justify the cost of a lounge visit at $15-20.This is not a question of whether children should be allowed into lounges. I am not a money-talker, so long as they behave appropriately, I don't see any reason to restrict their access. Centurion lounges had the most problems I have seen with adults spreading out their stuff over several seats and using their phones' freehand speaker function.These changes will be irrelevant to many, particularly Business Card holders, because of the $75,000 spend requirement. Many people spend a lot on their Platinum card, despite the fact that it has terrible points earning ratios on other things than airline tickets. There are a dozen cards that make it more worthwhile to spend with than the Platinum.ConclusionAmerican Express is undergoing a major overhaul of the lounge system, Platinum card service portfolio, and the fee. It is curious to me why the lounge access system changes are not published now, when they will be a little more than two years away. It would be sensible to publish it at least 12 months before the actual date of purchase so that people are aware of what they're getting. They don't have to open the can of worms once it is out there.Because of the Centurion Lounge network, travel insurance benefits, and the travel-centered credit system behind Amex Platinum, the Amex Platinum card is targeted primarily at travelers. It is important to evaluate whether a card is suitable for your current situation. There are many premium cards available, especially in the U.S. Sometimes other cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve can be more universal than Amex Platinum.