House Democrats call on GOP leadership to take 'immediate action' against Marjorie Taylor Greene

(REUTERS).More than 30 Democrats from the House of Representatives demanded that the Republican leadership take immediate action against US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene. They claim that Taylor Greene is a far-right Georgia congresswoman who has harassed her colleagues to an unacceptable degree.They wrote that Democrats are concerned about her continued actions, which could lead to violence against Congressmen.Rep Pramila Jayapal's letter lists several incidents between Rep Greene, other members of Congress, and staff since she entered office in January. This includes US Rep Cori bush moving her office following a row with the congresswoman about Covid-19 mask guidelines and Rep Greene displaying a sign that read There are TWO genders outside of her office to mock a congresswoman that is the parent of transgender children.Lawmakers also pointed out that Rep Greene has been shaming colleagues on social media and suggested that her fellow members support terroristic behavior. These suggestions are anti-American and do not belong in Congress.The letter was signed by US Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on 1 July. Rep Greene has accused Rep Ocasio Cortez of supporting terrorists after the ongoing feud between the Republican congresswoman and the New York Democrat.These behavior only seem to be increasing, according to the lawmakers. Rep Greene encouraged a crowd to lock her up to make reference to Rep Ocasio Cortez.House Democrats referred to Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader,'s remarks condemning Rep Greene's past behavior. These included social media posts that appear to endorse the killing of elected officials and false flag conspiracies regarding school shootings or the 9/11 terror attacks.They wrote that Rep Greene's behavior is not in line with what they expect of a member of Congress.House Democrats are concerned about her conduct, which could create an unsafe working environment for members, and her potential actions to lead to violence against Congressmen.Continue the storyThey wrote that every day she goes without taking any action on behalf of the GOP leadership was a tacit endorsement for her actions and an invitation to her to escalate her efforts.Rep. Greene stated that she is subject to constant harassment by the public because of the Democrat lies propagated by the media. She also claimed that Democrats targeted me and kicked me from committees for not doing anything wrong. The death threats have not stopped since.House Democrats voted in February to remove her from her committee assignments after discovering and publishing the social media posts and videos that were recently resurfaced before she was elected in 2020.The minority leader of the House Democrats said during the vote: You will regret it, and you may regret it a lot earlier than you think. He also mentioned that the GOP has many Democratic targets.McCarthy's letter to Congressman McCarthy comes after his attempts to organize his caucus. This is subject to Donald Trump and his base. Liz Cheney, a Trump critic, was recently ousted from her leadership position. He also threatened to remove GOP members from their assigned committees if they joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosis select panel to investigate the Capitol Riot.Continue readingThis woman is deeply unwell. A brief history of Marjorie Taylor Greene's vendetta against AOCMarjorie Taylor Greene attempts to deny that Trump supporters committed the Capitol riotMarjorie Taylor Greene is condemned for a new comparison of Covid vaccines to the HolocaustI am truly sorry: Marjorie Taylor Greene visits Holocaust Museum, and admits that mask comments were a mistakeMarjorie Taylor Greenes' apology