10 Weekend Reads

It's weekend! Grab a cup of Sisters coffee and a place by the window to enjoy our longer weekend reads.Amazon Primed Andy Jassy for CEO. Can he keep what Jeff Bezos built? Andy Jassy is poised to take control of an e-commerce giant that employs over 1.3 million people. The first problem he faces is an antitrust campaign, which threatens the empire that he will be leading. (Wall Street Journal).America's Pot Labs Have a THC Problem America's legal marijuana industry sold more than $17 billion last year. The industry's obsession with THC (pots most well-known intoxicant) has resulted in financial rewards for any marginal increase in THC potency. Although THC inflation can be dangerous, it is possible and easy to achieve. There are strong financial incentives.How big business exploits small businesses Uber and Facebook claim they are supporting small businesses, but also trying to squash them. What is less evident is the fact that these entities constantly find new ways to stop small-business growth in order to prevent new entrants or potential competitors. They create obstacles and find ways to extract power and money from small businesses to keep their position and increase profits. (Vox).Here's what the future of the American house looks like. From stunning entries to year-round porches. How our priorities have awakened an entirely new era in design. The American dream of a home is constantly changing, and the ideal was in flux before. You are welcome home, where the parties just begin. (Veranda).Social media influencers are only just starting. Don't believe the rumors of their imminent decline and extinction. The digital market is changing and will be dominated in the future by content creators who are authentic, transparent, and value-oriented (Tortoise). Also, TikTokers filming inside a California listing worth $5.299 million. It found a buyer in just two weeks. Rochelle Atlas Maize, a real-estate agent, devised a plan for marketing a Santa Monica house with a water slide and a video production area. (Wall Street Journal).The Xbox Vault was robbed: Microsoft committed a $10 million gift card fraud and lost millions of dollars in Xbox gift cards through an online scheme. It turned out to be an inside job (Businessweek).The Internet is Rotting: Too many things have been lost already. The internet is not a single, central network that was modeled after the old telephone system. It allows any device to communicate with any other device. Any provider can bring any networking capacity to the growing group. The glue that holds humanity's knowledge together is crumbling. (The Atlantic).The Senator Who Decided To Tell the Truth: A Michigan Republican spent eight years searching for evidence of fraud in election elections. All he found were lies. (The Atlantic).It is impossible to recycle a bowling ball (but people keep trying). Why are 1,200 balls ending up at New York City's main recycling facility each year? Bowling balls don't emit greenhouse gases and they don't leach any into the earth or water. They are still a warning sign about the harsh realities of recycling. (CurbedFaster than the Fastest: Jesse Owens didn't fear Adolf Hitler and Jim Crow, but he was afraid of Eulace Peacock (Sports Illustrated).