Mom blasts plea deal in court for cop who killed her son: 'What if it was your motherf---ing child?'

Vicky Hambrick (the mother of Daniel Hambrick) weeps during the plea agreement. WTVFAndrew Delke, a former Metro Nashville Police Officer was sentenced for the murder of Daniel Hambrick.Hambrick's mother, who was present at Delke's plea hearing Friday, cried out and criticised the court for accepting her plea.Delke was originally facing a trial for first-degree murder, but pleaded guilty instead to a lesser charge: voluntary manslaughter.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.As part of a plea agreement, the mother of a Black man was shot and killed by a Metro Nashville Police Officer in 2018. She cried in court as her son was sentenced to three year imprisonment."What if it were your motherf---ing baby?" WTVF reported that Vicky Hambrick was the mother of Daniel Hambrick's child and cried out as Andrew Delke was sentenced.According to the Tennessean, Delke, a white man, shot Hambrick three more times after Hambrick fled from a traffic stop.Delke was being tried on a charge of first-degree murder. However, his legal team announced that he would plead guilty to a lesser charge for voluntary manslaughter.Delke could have been sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder. However, his three-year sentence on voluntary manslaughter guilty plea was reduced to three years. His lawyer stated that Delke will likely serve 18 months.WTVF reported that Delke's sentencing was temporarily stopped on Friday when Vicky Hambrick attacked Delke and the District Attorney, claiming the prosecutor had "lost her nerve"."I oppose this so-called plea bargain. She said that she was against the fact that the state and defense joined forces to defend this racist, biased, antiblack criminal system. Nashville police videotaped my son's murder. My son is entitled to a trial before a jury. I ask citizens in this community to make a decision.Hambrick then banged on the podium, before she turned her anger towards the ex-cop."Thanks to you, I lost my son!" According to WTVF, she screamed. "I hate you. "I don't accept your apology."Insider has the original article.