'Does Mitch call the shots now, Donald?': Lincoln Project's new ad takes on McConnell Trump fallout

McConnell and Trump in Washington DC last May (AFP).The Lincoln Project once again trolling Donald Trump with a new ad, which pokes fun at the relationship between Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.A number of attack ads have been released by the political action committee against former President Trump. It describes itself as a group of Republics and ex-Republicans whose goal it is to defend democracy from the populist, nationalistic agendas and ideals of Donald Trump.This is the latest installment in the series. It targets Mr McConnell, the fractured relationship between them and the larger party.Donald, does Mitch now call the shots? He claims he is the head of the Republican Party, which you founded. He is the boss. The ad features a narrator who takes shots at you. Mr McConnell's comments about the Capitol riot of 6 January play in the background.Although Mr Trump made McConnell an uneasy ally during his presidency, he took clear steps to distance himself most visibly from Joe Biden's win in November 2020. He commented on the rioters 19 January.The mob was fed lies. McConnell claimed that they were provoked and manipulated by the President and other powerful individuals, even though he did not acknowledge Mr Biden's victory until six weeks later.In fact, McConnell seemed to want to keep his alliance with Trump right after his loss. This supports his false claim of election theft.As time passed, McConnell began to ignore the president's story, which infuriated Mr Trump.After Mr McConnell's Capitol Riot comments, Trump stated that the Republican Party cannot be trusted or strengthened again with Senator Mitch McConnell at its helm.McConnell's commitment to business-as usual, status-quo policies and his lack of political insight and wisdom have quickly made him a Minority Leader. It will only get worse.Continue the storyThe pair continue to throw insults at each other since then, echoing the division within the party, which continues to struggle to find its identity in the post Trump era.Continue readingCharles Booker launches a second Kentucky Senate bidMitch McConnell is no longer able to do the job: Donald Trump criticizes Senate leader over Infrastructure dealBiden sells big infrastructure deal: Roads, bridges and jobs