WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 2

5 out of 8Credit: WWE.comKevin Owens destroyed Sami Zayn. He also punished his friend during a commercial break, and appeared to be well on his way towards victory in Friday's Last Man Standing Match to earn entry into Money in the Bank. Zayn won the match by winning a Superplex from the top rope and through two tables at the ringside.Owens fought back with a fisherman Suplex, but Zayn shoved KO through the tables and from the top rope as the show entered its second half.Zayn was dominant for several minutes, until frustration set in and he had to resort to drastic measures. Owens, reenergized, fought back in the match and unleashed hell on his opponent before taking him out of the match with an apron powerbomb.ResultZayn was defeated by OwensGradeAAnalyseThis match was pay-per-view and hopefully brought an end to the Owens-Zayn feud.Owens summoned all the anger, frustration, and rage that his ex-best friend had caused in recent months. He unloaded late in match and gave one of those signature KO performances to remind the audience that he should do so much more.Kudos to Zayn too, who was just as good as Owens, and used facial expressions late to show his disbelief at Owens' refusal to stay down.If this is indeed the end of the story, then the right guy was there. Owens is not the most flashy choice to win Money in the Bank. However, he still has Roman Reigns to complete and that is one of the few achievements he has not yet achieved. This could be the beginning of a new push.