Suspended track star Sha'Carri Richardson gets support from Patrick Mahomes, Damian Lillard, other athletes

Sha'Carri Richardson accepts full responsibility for her positive drug screen and explains that her biological mother passed away just before the Olympic trials. (3:54).American sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson was the gold-medal hopeful for the 100-meter race at Tokyo Olympics. He had tested positive for marijuana during the Olympic trials in June. Richardson made an apology Friday morning on NBC's Today show.Richardson spoke out about her use of marijuana to cope with the loss of her biological mother. "Who are YOU?" Who are you to tell you how you can cope with pain, struggle or something you didn't know you would have to face? Who are you to tell me how to cope? Who are you to tell you that you're wrong for hurting?Sha'Carri Richardson (@itskerrii), July 1, 2021.Many pro-athletes came out in support of Richardson after the suspension.It's a world in which people make millions and millions selling it. Have you ever heard of a fine! DWade (@DwyaneWade July 2, 2021This is just so trashy... let her run! Patrick Mahomes II, @PatrickMahomes July 2, 2021They are disbelieveful and angry at the expansive legalization of marijuana in the United States. It is either legal in all 45 states or it's allowed for medical purposes. Their leagues have relaxed drug testing rules and players support them.Emily Kaplan, an ESPN reporter, has provided a comprehensive breakdown of league policies. It showed that when the NFL released its new collective bargaining agreements in April 2020, it stated that players could not be punished for solely using marijuana. Major League Baseball only tested for marijuana when there was "reasonable cause". The NBA has the most severe penalties for marijuana use, with fines and escalating suspensions. However, the league doesn't conduct offseason testing and did not test during last year's pandemic. According to Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, smoking pot is similar to drinking. It's just like that, "Smoking pot is just something I do to get down or to relax." It's not a big deal. It's not a problem. It's why it's legal in many states. If that were all that was a problem, then maybe our program is behind the times."On Friday night, #LetShaCarriRun became a trending topic on Twitter.Richardson could run in the relay race of 4x100 meters at the Olympics, Aug. 6, if he is allowed to serve a 30-day ban.Richardson stated Friday that if Richardson is allowed to compete in Tokyo, then I will be grateful. "But if I don't, I'm going to be focusing on me right now."