Porsche's Electric Car Keeps Suddenly Dying in the Street

The company has already issued a recall as well as a software upgrade.Red LightPorsche finally issues a recall due to a dangerous flaw in its Taycans battery system, which can cause the electric car's sudden death while being driven.The Verge reports that the issue has plagued drivers for several months, but has not yet caused any injuries. The problem appears to be caused by a single 12-volt battery, which plays a crucial role in the Taycans operation.Vampiric BatteriesThe biggest challenge facing electric vehicle manufacturers today is to create bigger and more powerful batteries that will allow cars to run longer. The Taycan has more than one battery. According to reports, the glitch occurs when the 12-volt battery powering the various electronics and accessories of the car dies while it is moving.According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when this happens, it can also shut down the primary 800-volt battery that powers the vehicle. There is no warning or error message. The Verge reports that the issue has left motorists stranded on the roads and unable restart their vehicles.AdvertisementAdvertisementIn a statement to The Verge, Porsche stated that safety is our first priority. Porsche informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that certain MY20 and 21 Porsche Taycan models will be recalled to upgrade the engine control unit software and power electronics. Porsche has recently reviewed the issue and determined that it can cause a loss of motive power if a software problem is detected incorrectly or sporadic. This issue can be prevented by installing a software update.READ MORE: Porsche recalls Taycans due to sudden power loss [The Verge]More about the Taycan: Elon Musk Scales Beef with Porsche's Electric CarFuturism readers are invited to join the Singularity Global Community. This is our parent company's forum for futuristic science and technology discussions with other like-minded people around the globe. Sign up today to get started!AdvertisementAdvertisement