Critical Race Theory Is Cultural Marxism, Has No Place in Classroom

Critical race theory can be twisted and cruel. It is the belief that the nation's somber past of slavery cannot be saved if every institution and person involved in its founding are erased. Critical race theory, like Marxism, eliminates our individuality in favor of dividing us into oppressors and oppressed groups. Marxism was a system that divided people according their economic status. Critical race theory, however, divides people on the basis of the color of their skin-just like the racists it advocates. As with Marxism, critical race theory can only be realized through a massive revolution to erase all traces of American history. These alarming teachings have reached almost every corner American society, including our culture, our military, our government, and most importantly, our classrooms. I am opposed to any attempt at infusing critical race theory into our communities. I recently wrote letters to the three largest academic institutions in South Carolina: Winthrop University, University of South Carolina and Clemson University. I voiced my deepest concerns about the teaching of critical race theory on their campuses. These teachings are not appropriate for our society or our schools. The Center for Renewing America sums it up best: Unchecked cultural Marxism, state-sanctioned racist behavior will have devastating consequences for America. Americans will become bitterly divided and enraged over false social justice gospels. Because divisive teaching such as this cannot be ignored, I will continue to send letters to these universities. It is crucial that parents, donors, and boards of trustees are aware of what's going on at these institutions. We are all made equal by God, whether we are black or white or red or blue. Instead of exaggerating what divides us, we should be focusing our energy on what unites us. The classroom should portray a true picture of the past but not assume that any one race is superior to another. Critical race theory is dangerous because it overlooks our complicated history and the path ahead. It must face strong, bold opposition wherever it appears. It is time that educational institutions are held responsible for the lessons they teach. The Daily Signal offers a wide range of perspectives. This article is not meant to represent the views of The Heritage Foundation. Do you have a comment about this article? Send us an email at [email protected] with your comments. We may publish them in our We Hear You section. Include the article's URL or headline, along with your name and the address of your town or state.