Politics Podcast: What We Learned From This Supreme Court Term

The Supreme Court concluded its first term on Thursday with a conservative majority of 6-3. This gives some insight into the court's new ideological orientation following the addition Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Analysts generally describe the court as not taking a hard right turn. They have seen more unanimous decisions and idiosyncratic splittings this term than they expected. FiveThirtyEight contributor Laura Bronner discusses what data can tell us about court's ideological direction in this episode of FiveThirtyEight Politics. Kate Shaw, a legal scholar, also discusses the details of major cases, especially in election law.Listen to the episode above by clicking on the play button. You can also download it in iTunes, ESPN App or any other podcasting platform. Learn how to listen if you're new to podcasting.FiveThirtyEight's Politics podcast is available Monday through Thursday. You can help new listeners find the podcast by rating it and writing a review on iTunes. Do you have a question, comment or suggestion about good polling vs. poor polling? You can reach us by email, Twitter, or in the comments.