Bonus bei Transfer von Hotelpunkten zu Etihad Guest

Beim Transfer von Hotelspunkten zu Etihad Guest Erhlt Man BonusmeilenEtihad Guest has wieder einen Bonus bei Transfer von Hotelpunkten to Meilen. In diesem Durchgang können nur Accor All und Marriott Bonnevoy mit. Marriott Bonvoy Points can be transferred to Meilen gerne You can get this bonus if you park at Etihad Guest.Hotel Bonvoy: Get 20% OffAccor All: 40 percent BonusDie InfosConditions:This offer applies to all Points to Miles conversions between 01 July 2021 (00.01am) and 04 Jul 2021 (23.59pm), both days inclusive.Partner included points transfer partners: Emirates Islamic Bank and Etisalat; CitiBank UAE, CitiBank UAE, CitiBank UAE, HSBC UK, Le Club Accor Hotels. MarriotOnce the Miles transfer request has been initiated, it can't be reversed.This offer is subject the Etihad Guest Program Terms and Conditions.To convert successfully, you will need an Etihad Guest Membership number.For the conversion activity, the Etihad Guest member must quote the correct Etihad Guest number to the participants.The terms and conditions that govern the current points transfer partners will be in effect.Any member who converts points from one of the qualifying Partner loyalty programs into Etihad guest miles is eligible for this promotion. Eligibility for bonus miles will depend on the date of conversion and the validity of the promotion.Base Etihad Guest miles will be transferred by the member as per the applicable conversion rates of each partner.Within 10 working days, the bonus Etihad guest miles earned during this promotion will be reflected in members Etihad guest membership accounts.The transfer ratios and thresholds for each partner will govern the offer structure.In any case, bonus Etihad guest miles will not be applied retroactively. The bonus miles promotion will not be available to credit card/hotel reward points that were transferred to Etihad guest Miles during the promotion period. However, the transfer request was made outside of the promotion period.Etihad Guest reserves all rights to cancel or withdraw the promotion, or modify or change the terms and conditions at any time.Participants are free to participate in this promotion.This promotion is final and binding. No disputes will be accepted.This offer can't be combined with any other transfer offer.