Austin-Area Congressman Stands Up On Southwest Flight, Flouts Mask Mandate

I find it frustrating that Congressman Chip Roy (R.TX) represents 10 Texas counties, including parts of Austin. He also represents areas north of San Antonio. He was Senator Ted Cruz's Chief of Staff. He was a critic until Trump ran for Congress, when he became a supporter. He opposed President Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election and declared that the President had committed impeachable offenses. However, he voted against impeachment.He is a proponent of law and order, but he doesn't seem to believe that those rules apply to his situation.He flouted House security screening rules that were in effect after January 6thHe also supported ignoring guidelines to reduce Covid-19 spread in the pandemic. It is possible that he was right to say that U.S. guidelines wouldn't have helped much. It was a display of defiance against elite opinion and authority for Congressman. I will do what I want on Thanksgiving. I will do whatever I want to on Thanksgiving. #StandUpForAmerica Chip Roy, (@chiproytx), November 13, 2020In May, he was warned for refusing to wear a mask while on the House floor.He then made a big show of disregarding mask rules while on Southwest Airlines flight from Washington National airport to Austin.On Tuesday, Congressman Roy flew Southwest Airlines to Austin from Washington National in order to attend the border event of former President Trump. The three-minute-long video also shows him without his mask. Here's a little bit:Rep. Chip Roy (R.TX) was not wearing a mask while flying to Texas. They are required by law. The HuffPost (@HuffPost), July 1, 2021A photo and a video of a Southwest Airlines flight that showed a naked Roy chatting with passengers while standing in the aisle, was given to the Associated Press. A photo and the video were submitted to the Associated Press on condition that anonymity was maintained by another passenger.Southwest Airlines claims that nothing occurred here, as they have not received any irregularity reports.Roy spoke out against the federal mandate for masks and the absurdity of requiring low-quality masks.Roy stated in an interview that cotton masks are used on airplanes to pretend people are doing good to prevent a virus from spreading through a cylinder with 50 passengers. I have a question for you all: How can a cotton mask worn on an aircraft save you from the circulating virus?Although I agree with the federal transportation mask mandate, it makes no sense. It is still odd that Congressman Roy would choose to ignore the rule instead of challenging it in court.Federal rule has replaced airline mandates, which were often stricter than the federal one.In an area where anyone over 12 can get a vaccine, the utility of mandates has ended.The mask mandate is unlikely to be within the CDC's statutory authority. If the CDCs powers can be read broadly enough to allow it, then the statute may be unconstitutional delegating legislative authority to an executive agent.In 2018, Chip Roy was barely elected as a Congressman. He was reelected in 2020 with a stronger showing because Republicans faced national Democrats that appeal to coastal donors, rather than Texas Democrats of the Ann Richards mold. Wendy Davis was his opponent, and she lost by more than 20 points in 2014 when she ran to be Governor. While she was hailed as a hero on the left, she was criticized by the right as an abortion barbie. Regardless of what you think about her, she is not the best Democrat for challenging a Republican incumbent in a Repubican lean district.I find him principled and someone who wants to appear principled but will compromise these principles for political expediency. Who picks up small-scale flashpoint issues to make a stand on, when that makes it difficult to highlight matters of greater importance?This was a form of civil disobedience. What were we trying to do?His protest boils down to masks for you, but not me. U.S. airlines now fall under the control of the State. Our betters are exempt from the rules. This is truly bipartisan.@TheTNStar Exclusive: John Kerry, Bidens @ClimateEnvoy John Kerry, removed his mask and settled in a book in his first class seat on the @AmericanAir flight Boston-DC. He wasn't drinking or eating. He was just wearing Biden's mandatory mask policy. ReporterMcCabe - March 17, 2021(HT: Let's Fly and Live!