Olathe man found guilty of killing his mom whose 58-pound body was covered with bed sores

An Olathe man has been found guilty of second-degree killing in the death his 75-year old mother. Her emaciated body had been discovered by authorities in Olathe two years ago. When her mental and physical health began to decline, the man stopped taking her to see the doctor.Raymond T. McManness (54), pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges and physical mistreatment in relation to the death of Sharon McManness on Thursday at Johnson County District Court. He was initially charged with first-degree killing. As part of a plea deal, the charge was reduced.Raymond McManness, his primary caregiver, called police to the 300 block South Cardinal Drive in January 2019 when he discovered that his mother was not breathing. The Star reported this previously. Raymond McManness was her primary caregiver and was arrested shortly after his mother was found severely malnourished with her home in disarray.According to court records, police found Sharon McManness very emaciated with large open bedsores. One bed sore was open up to the bone and the mattress was dirty.When police searched the house, they found no medication, clean clothes, or food. The house was littered with dog feces, urine and other waste. Court records indicated that soiled clothes from the victim were also found in the driveway.Raymond McManness, at the time, told police that he checked on his mom twice daily. According to court records, he claimed that he had moved out six years earlier as his mother kept him awake at night. Sharon McCanness was suffering from dementia.Raymond McManness, his mother's primary caregiver, said that he could not provide details about her medical history to police during an interview. According to court records, he claimed that she refused to see doctors.Her death was attributed to an infection from open bed sores, according to the medical examiner's office. According to court records, she was severely malnourished and dehydrated and weighed in at 58 pounds at her time of death.Continue the storyAccording to court records, Raymond was instructed by the Kansas Department of Aging weeks before his mother died to visit a doctor.Court records show that he claimed to police that he was busy with the holidays and was afraid of his wife because he hadn't been taking proper care of her.A no-contest plea does not admit guilt. Instead, pleading not guilty is an acceptance of criminal charges and a surrender of a person's right to be tried by a jury.Raymond McManness will be sentenced to a maximum of 31 years imprisonment under the plea. The sentences will run consecutively for both the murder and negligence charges.