Clifford takes over as Ada sheriff with strong support from staff, officials, community

Many officials, ex-sheriffs, and community members supported Matt Clifford's appointment as Ada County's new sheriff. They also made congratulatory remarks after the vote of 2-1 by Ada County commissioners.Clifford, Eagles Police Chief and a lieutenant with the Sheriffs Office was the only finalist for the job with active Peace Officer Standards and Training certificates.Gary Raney, an ex-Sheriff in Ada County who consults on law enforcement liability issues, gave his endorsement.Clifford was not the only candidate, but Mike Chilton (a former patrol officer) and Doug Traubel (a former investigator in the Ada County prosecutors office) were the other two. Chilton was a former officer of patrol and jail deputy. Traubel was a former deputy sheriff and investigator at the Ada prosecutors.After a series of statements he made during his interview, Traubel was criticised on Wednesday. After claiming that Jews are the villains of the Soviet Union, Traubel was criticized for making a number of statements during his public interview.Raney said that there may be a few people in the community who enjoy hearing far-right-wing rhetoric. People want a sheriff who is able to communicate with officials and work with county commissioners, and does the right thing. It's not about having an agenda. This is what extremism looks like, and I believe the commissioners understood that.Rod Beck, a Republican Commissioner, and Kendra Kenyon, a Democrat voted for Clifford. Ryan Davidson, a Republican, did not vote.The Idaho 97 Project is a political advocacy organization that claims its mission it to counter disinformation, political extremism and political misinformation. It released a statement praising the decision of Clifford's commissioners to appoint Clifford but warning that Ada County was too close to having an antisemitic, misogynist sheriff.Continue the storyWe are calling upon the Ada County Republican Committee to recall Traubel as their No. Mike Satz, executive director of Idaho 97 Project, stated that they are asking the Ada County Republican committee to consider how badly this reflects on them as Ada County citizens. The first choice of values of the committee is far removed from those held by Idahoans and Ada County citizens.Michael Tomlin is a Republican precinct chairman for District 14. He said that Traubels writings had disappointed him, but that they were written in a different context than his candidacy to be sheriff.Tomlin stated that America is going through a difficult time right now, and people will be held responsible for all they have done.Tina DeBoer Nampa, a Nampa resident, emailed commissioners Friday asking them to defend and support the Constitution by appointing Doug Traubel, the Constitutionalist candidate for sheriff.DeBoer owns a Meridian business and is a member on the Idaho Freedom Foundation board.Ada County needs a Sheriff who will defend and protect the Constitution and civil liberties of all citizens. DeBoer also wrote that he would stop the establishment of unconstitutional government against Idahoans.According to records, the majority of emails received by the commissioners on Friday indicated support for Clifford. However, they were concerned about Traubels' comments. Kenyon stated that all five Ada County mayors and 59% of the public supported Clifford for the job. An informal Idaho Statesman poll was attached to the story about candidate interviews. Clifford received 1,111 votes, Traubel only 75, and Chilton just 36.Vaughn Killeen is a former Ada County sheriff and said in a telephone interview that Clifford was supported by most Sheriffs Office employees. He will be taking over following the sudden resignation of Stephen Bartlett on May 31.Clifford's advantage is that he has been there and knows the culture, the players and the agency. You need the same qualities as Clifford. To be able to communicate and surround yourself with great managers and leaders, you must listen.Killeen stated that it was a positive sign for Clifford, that all the Ada County mayors supported him. Robert Simison, Meridian Mayor, stated that he and Meridian Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea are looking forward to working with Clifford.Simison stated in the statement that I applaud the selection of Lieutenant Matt Clifford to be our next Ada County Sheriff. They made the right decision as Lieutenant Clifford has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve the citizens. He has also demonstrated leadership and trust throughout this process.Joe Stear, Kuna Mayor, said Clifford would be a good choice for the job.We have enjoyed a strong relationship with the office as one of three contract cities. He will continue to foster that relationship and move in a positive manner. Stear stated in an email that Ada County residents are in good hands.Ada County commissioners elect a new sheriff: Eagle Police chief Matt CliffordSelection this year for Ada County's new sheriff means that they will be elected next yearOne county commissioner cannot be picked easily for Ada County sheriff.Ada County's new sheriff resigns as Eagle police chief. He could be replaced by someone else.