Coronavirus weekly need-to-know: Masks and Delta variant, pets, Moderna vaccine & more

We offer a weekly roundup of the most notable coronavirus coverage.According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 33.6 million Americans had tested positive for coronavirus by Friday morning July 2. This includes almost 605,000 deaths nationwide.Globally, more than 182.6 millions cases have been confirmed of the highly contagious virus. There have also been over 3.9 million deaths.A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracker reveals that more than 155.8 millions Americans were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at July 1. This is 47% of the population. In the United States, 58% of adults are fully vaccinated and 55% of those aged 12 or older are.This is what happened between June 25, and July 1, 2009.Directors of the CDC say that masks are not needed in US to curb Delta variantAnti-Dakotavirus vaccines have meant that indoor face masks are not necessary in the United States against the Delta coronavirus variant.Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that vaccinating will protect you from any variants currently in circulation in the United States.The CDC will not make decisions about the requirements for face masks. This is up to each state. Here's what you need to know.CDC chief: Face masks are not required in the US to curb Delta variantAre COVID-19 vaccines safe for people living with HIV/cancer or who have had organ transplants?Although COVID-19 vaccines are remarkable at protecting against severe diseases, some evidence suggests that people with weak immune systems may not be able to develop strong antibody responses or even any antibodies.People with immunocompromised bodies were mostly left out of the initial clinical trials. So little is known about the effectiveness of the vaccines in this group.Two new studies released this month show that people with certain conditions, such as HIV or solid tumor cancers, have sufficient antibodies to the coronavirus. Others, like those with organ transplants and blood cancers, are less likely to be able to respond to the vaccines.Are COVID vaccines effective for people with HIV, cancer, or organ transplants patients? What we knowContinue the storyExperts weigh-in on the need for masks in vaccines, including Delta variant spreads.Recently, the World Health Organization suggested that people who have been fully vaccinated continue to wear face masks wherever possible. This was due to the increased transmission and risk of serious COVID-19 throughout the world.Many health professionals outside of the WHO and CDC agree that it is best to be cautious.Continue reading to find out why.Are vaccinated persons required to wear masks such as Delta variant spreads? Experts discuss WHO adviceModerna vaccine is effective against Delta variantA new laboratory study has shown that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is effective against the more contagious Delta Coronavirus variant discovered in India. It also works well against other variants. There was a slight decrease in antibody levels when compared to the original strain.This announcement is the first to show that the Moderna shot may offer protection against emerging variants, which appear to increase the risk of hospitalization in certain countries.Here's how protection looks.Company claims that Moderna COVID vaccine is effective against contagious Delta variantsHow easy can your pet catch COVID-19 easily?Since the outbreak of the pandemic, it has been known that dogs and cats can contract COVID-19 from people infected with the disease. Gorillas, mink, and one ferret have also been affected. It is not clear how vulnerable your pet is to the disease and what factors may increase their chances of contracting it.Two studies that will be presented at an online medical conference next Wednesday reveal that cats and dogs are more likely to contract the disease from their owners than previously thought. Cats, on the other hand, are more susceptible than felines.Although there are still unknowns, the studies did not show any evidence of human to pet coronavirus transmission. This alleviates some concerns about potential animal spillovers.How easy can COVID be contracted by pets? Study shows that it happens more often than people think.How to get your dog ready to go home when you return to workSome pets have to adjust to being left alone as more people return to work.Some Americans advocate for normalization, but changes in the time pet owners spend at home can cause separation anxiety in dogs.This article will help you recognize signs that your pet is anxious and prepare you to leave them at home.These are some tips to help you prepare your dog for being at home alone when more people return to work.Poll: Americans back vaccines for employers with one exceptionAccording to a new poll, most Americans believe employers should require COVID-19 vaccinations but not want theirs.According to the Kaiser Family Foundation poll, respondents were split on whether or not they supported employers mandating workers get vaccinated. However, a larger majority of respondents did not want their employees to get vaccinated. According to the poll, Americans are more likely get vaccinated if they have paid for it.Continue reading to find out what else was found in the poll.According to a poll, Americans are in favor of employers mandating COVID vaccinations for their employees - except if it is their boss.Panera offers customers who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 a freebieCustomers of Panera Bread can get a fresh bagel if they have received the COVID-19 vaccination.As part of President Joe Biden's larger effort to get more shots in the arms, the bakery-cafe will offer vaccinated customers a free bagel every day from July 2 to 4, as part of an overall plan to increase vaccination rates. This goal is unlikely to be met.Panera will still offer breakfast for free at participating Panera stores.Customers who have been vaccinated against COVID are eligible for a freebie from Panera Here's how you can get it