WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, News And Notes As Zelina Vega Returns

SmackDown's Edge will address Roman Reigns. Credit: WWE.comAfter a bitter divorce, Zelina Vega was back on WWE SmackDown. Vega was announced as the second female participant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, while Liv Morgan is still being snubbed.WWE Smackdown also promoted Edge's address to Roman Reigns, who was last week's final segment. Smackdown also promoted a Last-Man Standing Match between Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn to earn the right for the Mens Money in the Bank.Last week's WWE Smackdown broadcast, which featured a surprise return from Edge, attracted 1.971 million viewers.WWE Friday Night SmackDown RatingsLast 5 WeeksJune 25, 20211.971 MillionJune 18, 20212.045 MillionJune 11, 20211.944 MillionJune 4, 20211.883 MillionMay 28, 20211.928 MillionWWE SmackDownKey CompetitionShark Tank on ABCVince McMahon Scouting WWE NXT Talents (Pro Wrestling Bits).WWE SmackDown Total YouTube Viewership: Last Friday, 8,536,399 (up from 4,823,052Most-Viewed: Edge returns to Attack Roman Reigns (4.332.797 views).Least-Viewed : Relive SmackDowns Hell in a Cell Universal Title match (211,861 views).Median viewership: 599.631Results of WWE SmackDown Friday, July 2, 2021Edge opens WWE SmackDownEdge tried to convince people at Wrestlemania that he is a possibility at Money in the Bank by using Roman Reigns' eyes. Although he may not, it is encouraging to see an honest challenger with a Hall of Fame resume take on Roman Reigns.Roman Reigns was the Thanos in WWE, right down to when the golden gloveyet Edge used Thanos' catchphrase "I am inevitable."Jimmy moved from Nobodys Bh to a lap dog with no notice.Jimmy Uso wore a hoodie with the simple inscription YEET. If this is a WWEShop.com hoodie then WWE will have earned a lot of street cred.Shinsuke Nakamura, Big EDef. Baron Corbin, Apollo CrewsAs he continues to find exciting and new ways to hype this man, Pat McAffee danced on Michael Coles' head during Shinsuke Nakamuras theme song.I wonder if WWE has trademarked Kingsuke.King Corbin's loss of all his money would be so much more significant if he had a gimmick that made him rich instead of just making passing remarks about how much money he has.This joke is going to be a big hit at WWE, but Greg Hamilton made a mistake and called Baron Corbin King Corbin. He then had to correct his error.Baron Corbin was committed to this downfall, as he grew his balding hair out and patchy beard.Corbin was distracted by the car being town at this match's end.It is still a mystery to me if and how this will lead to Happy Corbin.Bianca Belair calls for Bianca BelairBianca Belair claimed Bayley was obsessed with her but still admitted Bayley was in her head. So, I guess there are two possible truths.These promos could be almost heard announcing the feud's expiration date.A I Quit Match is the perfect match for this feud, as someone will eventually have to give up on their rivalry and move on.Kevin Owens wins the def. Sami ZaynKevin Break finally returned to work after a week of speculation about whether or not he would be returning after he said he was taking a vacation.This match received the two-commercial treatment.Kevin Owens performing a front flip across a double table was more enjoyable than it was painful.Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens have the best chemistry, and the match was as good as it could have been. However, a Last Man Standing match felt like the end of the feud.Zelina Vega returns as a Bank Participant; Liv Morgan def. Zelina VegaWWE now has a precedent. Women don't necessarily have to compete in the main event. Their fate is decided by Sonya Deville. This storyline is realistic given the pro wrestling backstage politics and posture.Sonya Deville now has booked the most beautiful woman in the world and a former manager to participate in Money in the Bank. She is the authority figure that she is.Although I disagree with the idea of filling Money in the Bank to the deserving with unworthy contenders, I like the fact that it's being used as a vehicle for Liv Morgan to become a babyface.Otis def. Angelo DawkinsPoor Otis.It doesn't matter how many people Heel Otis is put over, this neat-shaven, short-hair Otis thing isn't going anywhere. Ask his partner.Jimmy Uso is ruined by EdgeEdge is a strong contender for Roman Reigns' position. Unfortunately, Jimmy Uso has officially defaulted in his Jey Uso role.Roman Reigns was absent from the show, and I couldn't help but unginr that he was out searching for Jey.The segment ended with Edge chokeing Jimmy Uso with a pipe, just like he did Roman at Wrestlemania. I was also reminded by the segment that Jimmy Uso is his cousin.It will be interesting to see how Edge's ratings are, as well as the general impressions of the show after his return. His previous run was mediocre at best.