For Ada County's new sheriff, selection this year means election next year

Matt Clifford, Eagle Police Chief, stated that he met recently with several Sheriffs Office employees to decide that he would run in the Ada County Sheriff's Office election of 2024.Clifford stated that Stephen Bartlett unexpectedly resigned and my timeline was pushed up.It happened.The Ada County commissioners appointed Clifford Friday to replace Bartlett. He will now be running for sheriff next season and possibly in 2024.According to Idaho law, Clifford will continue his service until the next general election in November 2022. If he has an opponent, he will need to contest the Republican primary in May. He will then have to compete in the November election in order to keep his position.According to Phil McGrane, Ada County Clerk, a win next years would only mean a two year term and not a traditional four year stay. This retains the election calendar, with the 2024 race for a 4-year term.Clifford stated Wednesday that he had spoken to a small group of people in his charge to plan for succession when the 2024 election was decided. Clifford revealed that he had spoken to the previous sheriff six days before he retired.The Statesman was informed by Clifford that he would start preparing for his primary run once he's sworn-in. He said that he would have 10 months to prepare for what people have planned for the past four years. My life is not easier. I'm in it to win.Bartlett was the first Ada County sheriff to be appointed in over 40 years. Previous sheriffs have had a long history of grooming their successors. After Gary Raney's retirement, he was appointed to the position in June 2015. Bartlett ran again for the seat in 2016, and 2020.Raney was first elected to the seat in 2004, and was subsequently re-elected twice more times. Vaughn Killeen claimed that he had trained Raney for years in order to become sheriff. He was first elected to the seat of office in 1984.Continue the storyBoth Killeen & Raney stood by Clifford during this entire process.Reporter Hayat Noimine contributed.Ada County commissioners elect a new sheriff: Eagle Police chief Matt CliffordOne county commissioner cannot be picked easily for Ada County sheriff.Clifford is elected Ada sheriff. He has strong support from the community, staff and officials.Ada County's new sheriff resigns as Eagle police chief. He could be replaced by someone else.