White House calls Sha'Carri Richardson an 'inspiring woman' but stops short of opposing suspension

Psaki said Richardson was an "inspiring" woman who has gone through a lot in her life and is one of the fastest females in the world. She added that Richardson is an "important part" of the story.Rep. Matt Gaetz (R.Fla.), stated earlier Friday that he opposed sprinter Richardson being suspended for a positive marijuana test. President Joe Biden was urged to do the exact same.People who enjoy the intersectionality between race-gender and sports should ask @JoeBiden whether he thinks Shacarri Richardson should not be allowed to represent America. He used a legal drug in most states that didn't affect performance. Gaetz tweeted that Richardson did not.Later that afternoon, Gaetz (one of the youngest members) of Congress highlighted the generational divide in marijuana policy by tweeting an AP article with the snarky comment "OK, Boomers."The sentiment is also shared by those on the opposite side of the aisle. Senator Cory Booker (D.N.J.), tweeted his support for the sprinter, saying that ShaCarri was an amazing athlete with bright future. It is wrong and devastating that her dreams have been crushed by a substance that should be legal in the country. Her sincere apology is a sign of her strength in the face adversity.Biden's position on marijuana policy is not in line with that of his party. Although polling indicates that a majority of Americans support legalization, Biden has not backed such calls. His administration has refused to reschedule marijuana, which the federal government considers illegal with no medicinal value. Biden did however call for marijuana to be decriminalized during his 2020 presidential campaign. Five Biden White House staffers were fired after they confessed to using marijuana.Richardson, who won the 100-meter sprint at the U.S. Olympic trials last weekend, may be disqualified from the U.S. team for her positive marijuana test. She was suspended for one month by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on Friday. This disqualifies her trial results and ensures that she will not compete in the 100-meter race in Tokyo. This announcement came just weeks before the official opening of the 2020 Olympic Games.Richardson was interviewed by NBC's Today on Friday morning. She apologized for the results of her drug test and stated that she used marijuana as a coping method. When asked if she hopes shell will be able to compete in the 4x100 relay she replied, "Right now, I'm just putting my energy and time into healing myself." If I am allowed to receive this blessing, then I will be grateful. But if not, then I will just focus on me.Gaetz has always defied the party's orthodoxy and advocated for marijuana legalization. This is back to when he was a Florida state House Representative before he was elected to Congress in 2020.Gaetz continued to tweet about Richardson throughout the afternoon. He said Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby under a cover of suspicion.POLITICO was told by Gaetz that he had said more to defend Richardson than Biden or Harris -- and that the president should speak against the stupid policies that prevent Richardson from competing.Why isn't Joe Biden or Kamala Harris asking for their views on the American athlete who can't represent us because of a substance which doesn't affect our performance? Gaetz asks, referring to the woke media.What is wrong with America? He continued, "What happened to us?" Is it possible that we are simultaneously so awake and so tied up in canceled cultures that we won't allow this woman represent our country?Black Democrats in Gaetzs native state of Florida were also outraged at Richardsons treatment. Michele Rayner Goolsby, Florida state representative, noted that the topic of racial disparities within drug policy was brought up at a hearing of a committee of state House members she serves on.There is a lot of information to be uncovered. I recall making the point in committee-about the disparate treatment of Black people when it comes to cannabis. She posted Exhibit 985 on Twitter. Let ShaCarri go!Richardson had a message to share with Today viewers. She apologized for her tests results.She said, "Don't judge me. I am human." I am just a little faster.This report was contributed by Olivia Beavers and Marc Caputo.