Human Nature and Government Checks Can Reveal a Dark Side

Human nature has been the subject of many scientific and theological articles. It is still not understood by most people.Because it empowers and prolongs their careers, some politicians appeal to the dark side. They don't have to solve any problem, they just have to show that they care. Doubt my assertions? Hence, why are so many problems still unresolved after years of studying, legislating, spending, and talking?The Wall Street Journal published information about several states that have stopped issuing unemployment checks or will soon stop. Many of those who were once recipients of money from other people are now looking for work or returning to it. Who would have thought?This brings back memories of the welfare reform bill that President Bill Clinton and Speaker Newt Geingrich drafted 25 years ago. Some critics argued that the measure would lead to people starving on the streets. It didn't. Many people found work after realizing that government checks were no longer available.There are signs advertising job openings everywhere. Many companies and stores offer incentives to employees to return to work. These include cash bonuses and electronic devices. This makes it difficult to imagine what has happened to the work ethic that was once valued and respected. Having a job that supported oneself and your family was considered a sign of good character.It was widely reported that many people refused to return to work after the COVID-19 deaths and cases decreased. This was because their unemployment and other government benefits were greater than their wages. It is human nature.The Journal reported that Federal pandemic assistance boosted unemployment payments by $300 per week and extended these payments for as much as 18 months. This is a significant increase over the 26-week average.Forbes magazine found that the combined federal and state unemployment benefits ranged between the mid $500 per week to almost $800 per week depending on where you live. This is more than what some people earn by working. It can be addictive to get paid for not working.Another sign of humanity's dark side is reluctance or apathy to returning to work. It is also known as indolence. This is defined as: reluctance to return to work, even if the paychecks keep coming, and is not a good condition to encourage in a person or a nation.This is partly due to the constant attacks of the left on the wealthy and successful. It is a negative character trait to think that you are entitled to certain things but not have to work for them. This is in addition to envying others who have worked hard for their success.We get more of what we encourage, and less of what we condemn. We are more likely to see fewer people pursuing the things that will improve their lives and those of others if we condemn wealth and success. This is also a reflection of the dark side human nature.It is hard to say that we didn't hear this warning from ancient wisdom: Laziness leads to poverty, but diligence brings wealth (Proverbs 10).(C)2021 Tribune Content Agency, LLC.The Daily Signal offers a wide range of perspectives. This article is not meant to represent the views of The Heritage Foundation.Do you have a comment about this article? Send us an email at [email protected] with your comments. We may publish them in our We Hear You section. Include the URL of the article or the headline, along with your name and the town/state.