Dodgers Are First Team to Visit White House Since Pandemic Shutdown

Watch video Biden already predicts who will win the 2021 World Series... he's going along with the L.A. Dodgers! ! In his opening remarks to the White House, the Prez predicted Friday's outcome as he hosted Doyers in East Room. Biden stated, "We may do this by the end the year." Biden is right... the Dodgers are the odds on favorite to be again champs. Since the COVID shut down, the Boys in Blue have been the first champion team to visit 1600 Pennsylvania. The Dodgers are also visiting the White House for the first time since 1988, when they were champions. This was Ronald Reagan's last year as president. We are waiting for your permission to load Instagram Media. The team displayed their fashion sense in every way possible. Kenley Jansen chose a sleek tuxedo, while Mookie, always the GQ man, took a page out of Pharrell's fashion guidebook. Joe Kelly purchased the mariachi jacket in exchange for it and wore it to White House (via @BlakeHarrisTBLA). Jomboy Media July 2, 2021 @JomboyMedia Major props to Joe Kelly, who arrived at the White House with the mariachi jacket that he received from a member of the mariachi band he met at Dodger Stadium. Bravo! Eso!


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