This graphics card-like SSD comes with 32TB of storage

Gigabyte's new SSD has been unveiled. It claims it is the most powerful consumer SSD on the market.Eight 4TB NVMe SSDs are included in the drive, totalling 32TB. The SSDs are configured in RAID 0, which splits the work of reading and writing data. This speeds up the transfer speed by four times more than Gigabytes Aorus Gen4 7000s SSDs. With a single click, users can activate a RAID 0 configuration. This will provide sequential read speeds up to 28GB/s as well as sequential write speeds up to 26.6GB/s.Gigabyte equipped the card with dual fans to keep it cool. The card is able to fit in the same space as a full-length AIC because the fans are mounted on top of an aluminum heat sink. The card has 10 temperature sensors, and the fans are controlled by data from them. You can monitor the SSD Tool Box to see the status of the fans.However, don't panic about your wallet. To reach its maximum speed, the Aorus Extreme Generation4 SSD needs a PCIe4.0 x16 slots. This, along with a graphics card that uses a PCIex16 slot, will allow it to exceed the PCIe lanes available on consumer processors.The AMD Ryzen 5000 processors come with only 24 PCIe lanes. However, the Threadripper chips have 128. The card can be used with Intel 11th-gen or AMD Ryzen 5000 processors. However, you will need a Threadripper CPU or Xeon CPU (especially the most recent series) in order to use it with any other PCIe lanes.This is not surprising given the high-end computing market. Gigabyte has not yet released pricing information for the Aorus Extreme Gen4 SSD. However, it is likely to sell for several thousand.We doubt this will be an issue. However, the Aorus Extreme Gen4 SSD can be used on older chipsets, and is backward-compatible with PCIe 3.0. It is designed for PCIe 4.0, so a PCIe 3.0 connection will severely impact the performance.Editors' Recommendations