Worst June for Brazil Amazon forest fires since 2007: data

This photo was taken August 16, 2020 and shows a fire in Amazon rainforest, south of Novo Progresso, Para state.Official data shows that the Brazilian Amazon suffered the worst June forest fires since 2007. This is a devastating dry season for the world’s largest rainforest.According to INPE, the INPE research institute detected 2,308 fires in June 2020. This is an increase of 2.3% from June 2020.The previous record for June was set in 2007 with 3,519 fires.This grim statistic is after May saw the most fires1,166since 2007.Environmental groups blame President Jair Bolsonaro for the current trend. He has encouraged the commercialization of Amazon since his 2019 election and described the NGOs working to protect the jungle like a "cancer."The increase in Amazon fires is not surprising; it is due to direct actions that encourage illegality and weaken bodies like the 60 percent reduction in the budget for fire surveillance in 2021," stated the Social and Environmental Institute which monitors forest trends.According to the INPE, Brazil's Amazon saw a record of 103,000 fires in 2020. This is almost 16 percent more than the previous year.Experts attribute deforestation to the need for more land for agriculture.Bolsonaro has pledged to the international community that he will eliminate illegal deforestation by 2030.The government issued a decree this week prohibiting fire in agricultural practices for four month and gave the authorization to the military to patrol Amazon to prevent environmental crimes such as illegal mining and deforestation.Further information on Brazilian Amazon deforestation records for May2021 AFP