Bill Cosby Pisses Off High School Class Prez With Prison Release Attire

Bill Cosby must keep the class shirt from Pennsylvania's high school that he attended briefly in his closet.Here's the deal: Cosby wore a Central High School Class of 1997 shirt to a Wednesday press conference at his home after he was released from prison following an appeal.Dan Taraborrelli was a class president for Central's 1997 class and noticed the wardrobe choice. He tells TMZ that Cosby did not like wearing the shirt they gave him, and that they do not want him to wear it again.You can see that the shirt Cosby wore had names from all 1997 classes listed on it. Dan claims that the class has been vocal about their desire to have no affiliation or association with Cosby.Dan claims that only 150 of these class shirts were ever made. He also doesn't recall Cosby wearing one of them in the past. It's a mystery to him why Cosby wore it for the press conference.Cosby attended Central High School in Philadelphia for a brief time and was inducted into the Hall of Fame despite never graduating. However, he was removed from the Hall of Fame by the school's alumni association in 2015. He was then criminally charged.Dan claims that he might have given Cosby a shirt back in 1997 when BC addressed the graduating class at an awards ceremony to recognize student accomplishments. He claims they spoke in the principal’s office and that if he gave Cosby the shirt, it was regrettable now.