In L.A., Desus and Mero and Dave's GaTa stick Dave Burd with their legal weed bill

The Kid Mero, Desus nice, GaTa. Dave Burd Screenshot: Desus and MeroFX's surprise hit comedy series Dave manages to balance the rise of YouTube rap star Lil Dicky (Dave) with deconstructing how catching an overnight wave of popularity online can bring some very unusual people into the national consciousness. Burd and his friend and co-star GaTa (Davionte Ganter), sat down on Thursdays with road-tripping Bronx hosts, to discuss Dave's unexpectedly honest and funny (and sure, filthy!) examination of the whole, possibly unassuming white guy trying to make it in the rap industry. After Desus, Mero and GaTa left the friendly neighborhood marijuana emporium, Burd was forced to buy a costly vaporizer.This is the kind of thing Daves Lil Dicky would find himself in on an average episode. Burds ambitious, but not so cool guy club rap star is half in and half outside. The group enjoyed authentic Mexican food, and discussed Daves ability to mix vulnerability with self-aware filthy songs about Lil Dickys notoriously ill-formed penis. GaTa shared his autobiographical story with the hosts about his struggles with mental health. Mero laughed/not laughed about the fact that he had to go to L.A. for two days without his Xanax. Dave was sincere in his praise for Daves ability to make room in the midst of his incessant dick jokes about, me with my mental health, and him with his insecurities.AdvertisementIt was the mismatched friendship that made Dave and Desus stand out most. While Burd took Desus and Mero up to their neon sign offer to talk about basketball, he also spoke out about his inability to accept the hedonistic excesses that his (and his characters') internet fame and rap music can bring to him. And the surprising number of actual rapper stars who are willing to collaborate with his geeky would-be star. GaTa admitted to Mero and Desus that he had met Dave groupies while on the road. Mero, however, was appreciative and able to explain his experiences. Burd could only say, further blurring reality and character, "Who raised you?" To any woman who is inexplicably moved by his proposition, you don't even know me!FX is currently showing Dave's second season.