Former USC Star Reggie Bush After NIL Rules Announced: 'I Never Cheated This Game'

Jonathan Bachman/Getty ImagesReggie Bush spoke out on the day the NCAA's image, name and likeness rules went into effect in the United States. He was the one who lost his Heisman Trophy victory in 2005, and his records were vacated.Former USC star tweeted Thursday that "never cheated" this game. This was in reference to the NCAA’s old policy which resulted in sanctions and penalties against both the Trojans as well as himself for receiving improper benefits.Wednesday's announcement by the NCAA stated that the board adopted a temporary policy regarding name, image, and likeness rights. This policy will remain in effect until federal legislation is passed or new NCAA rules are adopted.The policy allows student-athletes to sign marketing agreements and promote brands through their social media pages. They will also be compensated for autograph signings and personal appearances.Bush was at USC for three seasons, 2003-05. He was an All-American in his two final seasons with the Trojans, and he won the 2005 Heisman trophy award.Bush left USC to join the NFL one year later. The NCAA began an investigation into claims that Bush and his family were given gifts and financial payments during his college years.In 2010, the NCAA announced that USC was subject to a two year bowl ban and four years probation. They were also forced to forfeit 14 wins over two seasons, including Oklahoma's 2004 BCS Championship victory.According to the NCAA, Bush was given lavish gifts by two young sports marketers who wanted to sign him. Bush received gifts that included hotel stays and a rental-free house where his family lived, as well as a limousine and a suit when he accepted the Heisman award in New York.Bush made a statement in September 2010 that he was giving up his Heisman Trophy. This made him the first recipient of the award to return it to the Heisman Trust.USC was disassociated from Bush at the time of the NCAA discipline. In June 2020, the Trojans reconnected with Bush.