Blumhouse sues Hulu over claims it got stiffed for trying to fix Boss Level

Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson in Boss Level photo : Quantrell. Colbert/HuluBlumhouses reputation for being the studio that makes genre films quickly, is it worth its reputation? This is the core of a new lawsuit Jason Blums has filed against Emmett Furla Oasis Films and Hulu, as well as Emmett Furla Oasis Films (the studio behind Frank Grillo's action film Boss Level). Remember Boss Level. A time loop action movie with some video game logic. Grillo keeps being killed? Mel Gibson is part of the Im gritty action heavy now section, so you don't need to go to the Personal life section on my Wikipedia page anymore.AdvertisementIt's always difficult to judge success with streaming projects, but Boss Level didn't fare well with critics. Ignatiy Viskevetsky wrote a C- review calling the film clumsy, sentimental and less enjoyable than the video games it allegedly inspired. It was interesting to discover that the Boss Level movie we received was actually a fixed version. This was done by Blumhouse.According to THR, this is the core of the breach of contract lawsuit against EFO Films. Blumhouse claims that it was asked by Blumhouse to recut the movie following its initial failure to find distribution, including from Hulu who rejected the original cut. The Purge studio added new material to Joe Carnahans' film and created a final shot. This was, according to the lawsuit, deemed disappointing and not commercially appealing in its original form. (Harsh!)Blumhouse was to get a cut of any licensing deal made for Boss Level. This was similar to the EFO Films arrangement with Hulu. According to the suit, this fee would have been approximately $500,000, or 5 percent of a $11.75million deal. This money was apparently never paid. The lawsuits, including one against Hulu, demand that Blumhouses hardwork on Boss Level be stopped.There are two main takeaways. The first was that the Boss Level version we received was the best! Who knew? Second: This is the most important thing about Boss Level. We are pretty certain that it includes the actual events.