ATSG Announces New President of Airline Subsidiary Omni Air International

Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATSG), today announced that Omni Air International, LLC, a subsidiary of ATSG, has elected Dan Orcutt to be the president of the passenger airline. Jeff Crippen has been the president of the airline since 2008. He will continue to be the chief executive officer until his retirement at year's end.Omni's chief operating officer since 2017, Orcutt is his. Since 2017, Orcutt has been Omni's chief operating officer. He is also the FAA Accountable Executive, responsible for all aspects of flight operations, maintenance, control, safety, security and travel. He is also a qualified Boeing 777 Captain.Orcutt spent 26 years in active duty with the US Air Force before joining Omni. He retired as a Brigadier General on November 2017. He was a White House Fellow at NASA Headquarters in the strategy section of two Air Operations Centers. Orcutt also flew in many named Operations. Most recently, he was a flying wing commandant in combat over Syria and Iraq from 2015 to 2016. As Vice Commander of 1st Air Force he supported the commander in the organization, equipping and operation of air defense forces to support Northern Command. He also provided defense support for civil authorities during natural catastrophes.Orcutt, a distinguished US Naval Academy graduate, holds three masters degrees: Aerospace Management, National Security Strategy and National Resource Strategy. Orcutt has been a member of the Civil Air Patrol Board of Governors and is involved in many volunteer community service programs.Crippen commented, "I'm happy to appoint Dan as Omni's leader into the future." His extraordinary leadership experience and long track record will be a great asset to the airline.Crippen joined Omni in 2008 as CEO and president. Crippen joined Omni in 2008 as president and CEO. He has helped make Omni the leader in passenger flight for the U.S. military, government agencies, commercial charter programs, and other government agencies. Before joining Omni, he was the president and chief executive officer of Ryan International Airlines in Wichita.Rich Corrado, ATSG's president and chief executive officer, stated that Jeff has had an extraordinary career at Omni. He transformed the airline from a charter service provider into a global leader for governmental flying and innovative charter solutions. Jeff is a respected leader and has created a flexible, agile organization that responds to the changing market and the needs of its customers.