Clippers Fans Get In Huge Brawl In Stands After Loss, Beer Can Attack!

Patrick Beverley wasn’t the only one who was upset after the Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs. Several L.A. fans engaged in a brawl in front of the cameras! !This is a wild clip. At least three Clippers-clad men appear to chase a tall black man at Staples Center. One of them uses a beer can as a weapon.At the conclusion of Game 6 of Clippers/Suns, there was a pretty big fight. It's hard to discern what's happening, but I assume it's Clippers fans fighting each other. Farbod Esnaashari - July 1, 2021 @Farbod_EThere is a history of violence between the backers of both teams -- we reported that Clippers and Suns fans were thrown out of Phoenix in Game 1 of Western Conference Finals.The "Suns In 4" guy became viral because he was in it with two Denver Nuggets fans during the semifinals.Farbod Esnaashari, a NBA writer, posted footage of Wednesday's latest brawl... claiming that the man in the black shirt was a Suns/Lakers fan.The black-shirted man impressively fights off multiple men punching at him at the same time...before being shoved down into the row below.It appears that no one was seriously injured. The guy in black is still able to give Clippers fans two BIG middle fingers while he was on the ground.