We Tried Spicing Up Our Wardrobes With Clothing Subscription Boxes, And Here's What We Learned

Kayla: It was really fun! Kayla: This experience was actually really fun! I am not a big fan of shopping and hate going to the mall to browse through endless racks of clothes. These boxes removed some of my anxiety and gave me complete control over what I got. The clothes I tried on were a mix of my personal style and some interesting curveballs. Although I didn't end up keeping the majority of the clothes I tried on, I did manage to keep a few pieces that I loved and they were very cute and comfortable. The only problem I have with the boxes is that they didn't include enough options for people who are plus-sized. After filling out a questionnaire, I found that many of the tops were sent in smaller sizes than I expected. Subscription boxes are great for non-shoppers and a great way to step outside your comfort zone.