Bill Cosby Exploring Legal Options After Prison Release, Could Sue County

Bill Cosby will be huddled with his legal team on Thursday. A possible lawsuit against Montgomery County is the topic of the day.Sources close to Cosby inform TMZ that the comedian and his wife Camille are upset that he has been held in prison for 3 years. They're looking into legal recourse including possibly suing Pennsylvania County where he was first tried.According to us, Cosby and his attorneys are investigating a possible suit for abuse of process. This is just one of many options they are discussing.Legally speaking, abuse of process is the inappropriate use of a criminal or civil legal process for an unintended or malicious purpose. It could mean that Cosby could claim the prosecutor intentionally misused the criminal justice system to prosecute him, even though it was a violation of a promise made to Cosby by the former District Attorney.We reported that Cosby was released Wednesday from prison after Pennsylvania's Supreme Court reversed his conviction. This is partly because the court ruled that he should not have been prosecuted criminally based on an agreement he had with former Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor.Watch video content from 6/30/21 FOX 29